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What happened when I deleted all my instagram posts

There are many things in life that you think you’ll never erase. The steadfast things that uphold your identity. For you, it might be your family photo albums or your passion for all 750 types of cheese produced on the British Isles. For me, it is my love of sultry 90s prog-rock, my tattoo, my fervent belief in the value of liberal arts degrees and up until recently, my instagram photos.

Digital Skills: Crisis or a Generation in Denial?

Let’s start with the facts, what even is the digital skills crisis? If you were born after 1990, chances are you’re a digital native. You grew up with computers, phones and enough tech to frazzle your young mind. When we think of the digital skills crisis we might think about coding, AI and how robots are coming for our jobs. That’s all true but it only part of the story.

Why Netflix is Bringing Back 80’s Tech

It seems the televised world is suddenly obsessed with the 1980s; Susie Sink & co playing arcade games and running from Stephen King inspired extra-terrestrials in Stranger Things, glitter clad girl wrestlers to the backdrop of Journey in GLOW, Jonah HIll and Emma Stone plugging into retro beige box computers and dreaming of having perms in acclaimed Maniac.