All in observations

The period 1714 - 1830 was one defined by balance and order, at least from an architectural stand point. One of my favourites. The four Georges who ruled during that time gave their name to large gridded windows, high ceilings, regulation terraced houses and the occasional dramatic series of columns. Georgian architecture is my field of wheat to run through with Theresa like joy.

For all my enthusiasm in this, our year of 2019, we live in more than just four walls. We live in our machines too. Having worked in start-ups for a number of years and then in tech education for a few more, I’ve built up quite a good understanding of what a modern day architect looks like.

Opinions used to be worth having. Much like a spot in the queue for Dishoom Granary square; it was edgy and fun until everyone else started showing up. Pre-internet, deference to experts and thinkers was the norm. As a non-intellectual in the 1980s you had only two avenues to express yourself. Either you'd hash it out over the dinner table (sorry mum) or, if you really got the hump, you'd write to your local paper using an alias like Mr K.L. Bacon and hope the editor doesn't think you're some kind of nut.